Integrate Search for Slack

1. Manage Organization Settings

After signing in, click Manage from the Dashboard, for the organization you would like to configure.

2. Manage Integrations

From the Manage Subscription page, click Manage Integrations.

3. Choose MailJive Search for Slack

From the Integrations page, click MailJive Search for Slack.

4. Add to Slack

From the Setup MailJive Search for Slack Integration page, click the Add to Slack button.

5. Select Slack workspace

The first step of the Slack sign-in process will be to indicate the Slack workspace in which to install the app.

6. Provide Slack credentials

The second step of the Slack sign-in process will be to sign into the Slack workspace, using the appropriate email and password.

7. Authorize MailJive Search for Slack

Once you are signed into Slack, you will then click the Authorize button to finish installing the MailJive Search app in your Slack workspace.

8. Confirm integration

Once authorized and installed, you are redirected back to the Integrations page, where you will see the MailJive Search app installed for your workspace.

9. Manage Slack app

You can manage the installed apps in your workspace, where you’ll see the MailJive Search app installed.

10. Search within Slack

Once MailJive Search is installed, use the /mailjive {query} slash command to search your MailJive organization from Slack.

To refine your search, you can specify “from” and “to” dates in the form of YYYY-MM-DD. For example:

/mailjive surplus --from:2019-01-31 --to:2019-02-04

11. Connect your account

If anyone has not connected their own MailJive account with their Slack user account, they will be prompted to connect their account. Click the Connect Your MailJive Account to be redirected to MailJive.

12. Log into MailJive to connect

Once you log into MailJive, your Slack and MailJive accounts are connected,