How Does MailJive Handle Email Privacy & Security?

MailJive makes it incredibly easy to pull information from an email inbox, and make it available for search to an entire team. But one question that frequently comes up is: What does MailJive do about privacy or security?

When you add a new email data feed to your MailJive organization, you have some options as far as how the data is pulled into MailJive:

Inbox Only

Specific Folder Only

Inbox & Sub-folders

Specific Folder & Sub-folders

As a business owner or high-level manager, you probably have a huge amount of knowledge and information within your email. You’d love to be able to share what you have (instead of forwarding when someone asks, or when you think they might need it).

The challenge is, that you also have email that you’d prefer not to share, like personal correspondence, HR-specific emails, and more. In fact, your Inbox is probably for your eyes only. The solution, then, is to set up separate data feeds based on sub-folders within your email, and share those feeds with the teams that need them.

For example, your Sales team would love to see your Clients data, while your Ops team will need Vendor data.

This way, different audiences within your organization have access to data they need. As you file messages from your Inbox into the appropriate folders, that information will make its way to team members that can benefit from it – now, or 5 years from now.

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