Add an Email Data Feed

1. Manage organization settings

After signing in, click Manage from the Dashboard, for the organization you would like to configure.

2. Manage settings

From the Manage Subscription page, click Manage Settings.

3. Manage feeds

By default, the teams for the organization are listed in Manage Settings. Click the Feeds tab to view and manage data feeds for the organization.

4. Add new feed

Click Add New Feed.

5. Specify the email address

Provide the Email address which contains the email data which will be retrieved by MailJive, then click Create.

6. Select email type

Select the email type. In this example, if you provide a * address, Gmail will automatically be selected. Likewise, a Microsoft account will be selected for a,, or address. Click Select *** Email to continue.

Gmail and Microsoft data feeds require you to authorize MailJive to access your account, but do not store your password, and authorization can be revoked at any time.

If you are not using a Gmail or Microsoft email account, you will likely use an IMAP email, although some still require POP3. Either email account type will require email address, password, server, and port information to be securely stored by MailJive.

7. Authorize or configure email


For Gmail accounts, click Authorize Gmail, then after signing into your Gmail account, click Allow.


For Microsoft accounts, click Authorize Microsoft, then after signing into your Microsoft account, click Allow.


IMAP and POP3 email accounts require Username (email address), Password, Server, Port, and whether the connection uses SSL. You will need this information from your email administrator, if you don’t have it already.

Once the email account credentials are configured, click Validate.

8. Select folder

For Gmail, Microsoft, and IMAP email accounts, select the folder which MailJive will read for email, then click Save.

By default, the email Inbox will be selected.

9. Select teams

Select which teams will have access to this data feed within MailJive, providing more meaningful names, if necessary, then click Save.