Accept an Invitation

1. Check your inbox

When you are invited to a MailJive organization, you will receive an email. Assuming you do not yet have a MailJive account, click Join MailJive.

If you already have a MailJive account, and belong to one or more other organizations, you can click Join [Team Name].

2. Sign up

You have 3 options when you sign up with MailJive:

  1. Sign in with your Google (Gmail) account
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft (Office 365 / Outlook / Live) account
  3. Create a MailJive account with an email address and password

If signing in with Google or Microsoft, you will need to authorize MailJive to access that service.

3. Complete registration

If you’ve chosen to sign in with your Google or Microsoft account, you will be redirected back to MailJive to complete your registration.

If you have chosen to create a credential-based MailJive account, you will need to complete the standard registration form:

4. Enjoy