Why MailJive?

How MailJive helps business
leaders battle brain drain

As a business leader, you understand how important it is – how your company’s success and productivity – depends on your employees having access to the same information. From where you started, through where you are going, you’ve built tribal knowledge.

That includes company goals, historical analysis, product launches, key decisions, systems & processes, and more.

But you’ve probably also seen how chaotic it is, when a critical employee leaves. They walk out the door with knowledge that, many times, was not properly shared or communicated to you or their coworkers. As a manager or business owner, you need to prevent brain drain.

How does brain drain affect your team?

Your remaining employees spend more time searching for information. New hires face an increased ramp-up time. Decision makers deal with inaccurate or incomplete information.

How do you battle brain drain?

As a leader, you need to instill in your team, and throughout the organization, a culture of information sharing and knowledge transfer. 

But you need the right tools to effectively share information. This is where MailJive comes in.

Your team is already sharing what they know to their coworkers: Slack, Jira, Basecamp, and email. MailJive preserves that information, and makes it searchable and accessible to the team now and in the future. 

What does that mean for you and your team?

Employees have immediate access to a treasure trove of information. So do new hires, who can see thoughts and decisions over time. Decision makers get better, more accurate, and reliable information.

MailJive helps you prepare for when your most valuable asset – your employees – move on. That is how MailJive helps you battle brain drain.